Thursday, 17 April 2014

MK March photo's...


Life in the Real World has been hectic...days and weeks passing by in the blink of an eye.

But finally I have a couple of photo's to share from the BIG MK Vintage and Handmade Fair last month.

I sold the suitcase of wonders, which was my 'thing', something that people recognised us by and attracted them to the stall.

This time I needed something new and carrying on from the case it had to be something from stock or home that I had 'done up'

The standard lamp stand is painted to go in my girls room and the shade had been stripped last year and had sat waiting for inspiration to strike!

Add a few JUMBO POM POMS, a trim of pom poms along with a dash of handmade tissue flowers {oh and a couple more pom poms!}



One totally BONKERS display item!

If I could have had a £1 for every time someone told me how much they loved it or charged for its photo to be taken I could have retired merrily.

It did the trick!

We used the March show a chance to clear the stock that we had taken to more than one show, giving us a chance to start afresh with lots of lovely pieces this year.

That said we also took along a few new pieces, I never have been able to walk past something pretty and vintage 
{despite telling myself that I wasn't buying for this show!}

As always I had a selection of Utility China with me, the work horse of any kitchen and the pastel colours are all over the magazines... still standing the test of time

I've a real soft spot for a Vintage Tin...they make for pretty and original craft storage
{my crochet hooks are stashed in some very cute tins}

Then we had the Vintage Kilner Jars that I've stashed in the loft for far too long!  
Originally bought for my preserving, I've kept most but still had a lot that year after year I just haven't used so moved them on to stock.

Although I'm not using them I still find it hard to let go of some bits of stock...Linens fall into that group!

I sold 2 of my largest ones 
deep breath
still excuse for me to re-stock!

A red suitcase that was a lucky find, it was 1971 and lined with a luxury satin lining

^can you see it peeking out the front there^

^crafty bits^

All in all we had an amazing weekend, lovely neighbours and super customers!

If you still haven't visited it I can't say it loud enough but you really should try to get there.  
The prices are competitive, the assortment from tins to larger pieces of furniture and a selection of handmade goodness from cakes, pickles, jewellery and sewing from pillows to clothing!

It is inside the huge Milton Keynes shopping centre, dry whatever the weather, entry is totally free and there are hundreds of 'high street' shops to browse if you fancy as well as a selection of food stops from Jamie Olivers' to Burger King!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

MK Handmade & Vintage Fair March 1st - 2nd...

Guess whose back?...
Yep Priddy Priddy is back at the Fair and boy o boy are we ready to go...

Stock ready...check

Displays ready?...
almost there...

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Milton Keynes Vintage Fair...

Oh my, how did that happen?
The MASSIVE 3 day MK Handmade & Vintage Fair is THIS weekend!!

Pop along and say hi


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Times are changing...

Yes the seasons are changing and so are things here at Priddy Priddy.


Since our family car went to the scrap heap heaven I have found it harder and harder to keep Priddy Priddy going.  

I'm unable to get to sources for furniture as regularly as I did and when I do get there transporting the larger furniture home is no longer possible.

So a change in direction may is required...

I have always enjoyed crafting, since a little girl I have doodled away.  

As I grew up so did my crafty 'tastes', they grew with my needs.  When I got my first home with a tiny baby there was little budget to furnish it, so I made my own curtains and pillows etc.  Painted what furniture was gifted to us, making it sit happily in our little home.  

Crafting, creating, making do, is something that has stayed with me over the years.

I still have an eye for pretty things, I can still see the beauty in an old wreck.

Priddy Priddy will it seem for the time being be shifting towards a more hand made, crafty way of life.  

I'm happy that the gorgeous little things still seek me out...I think they sense a kindred soul.

I'm happy to craft away to my little hearts content to find my 'niche' 

Change is good, it is hard, but it is good.
I am a creature of habit and find changes hard but you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone to grow sometimes.
My push wasn't voluntary but I will try a change, the worst that can happen is that I start again.

So after the final MK Handmade and Vintage Fair of 2013 this November I will be taking stock, clearing out perhaps.  Bringing those lovely Vintage Suitcases full of wonder home and listing the beauties from within on Etsy

A start has been made here on the blog, a new layout.
All the links to Etsy, Bloglovin, Facebook etc are all at the top.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

She comes, she goes...

Just popping by to say 'what ho!'

My faithful pink netbook took a big old tumble from the top shelf of the bookcase.

Photos from the last MK Handmade and Vintage Fair are loaded onto it 
{along with the whole of the summer holiday with the family!}

Hey ho

It always gives the guys at PC World a giggle when I walk in the door.  With six kiddos we make the most of the cover all insurance policies!
Last time I went in it was being held together with blue tack after the kiddos tried to hide/fix the damage...God Bless em they are an ingenius bunch.

We had an amazing time at the September MK Handmade and Vintage Fair.  It is always really lovely to recognise a face and have a chat with those who are now our regulars.  We were lucky as always to have wonderful 'neighbours' and I am having regrets about not buying a biscuit mould from one of our neighbours...but I was spoilt by my daughter Lolly who treated me to the most amazing vintage bunny jelly mould.
I can't wait to do show and tell...

So till the end of the month when the netbook comes home {fingers crossed} we will once again be quiet here

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Summer Holidaying...

A 'Stay-cation' if you will!

My 4 school age children finish school tomorrow, my eldest has a touch of pneumonia on her right lung and my eldest son needs a motivational push in the right direction.

All perfectly legitimate reasons to take a {another} break from posting.

You know I'll find something I simply have to share but officially as of tomorrow, Wednesday, we are on the Summer Holidays!

Although it may be quieter here, we are still preparing for the big MK Handmade and Vintage Fair in September.

Normal service resumes after the Summer Holidays!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Happy Home...

I love my home.  

I had fallen out of love with it but recently we are in a full on love affair again!

Lots of rooms have had a fresh coat of paint, the rooms are lighter and brighter...with a snap or two of colour sprinkled in...

Colour really is making mine a Happy Home...and a recent 'slip of the button' is giving me the umph to add a few more touches here and there
^^ image Amazon ^^

 It's no secret that I've been colour loving turquoise for some time...
What colour is making you Happy this summer?