Thursday, 4 February 2016

J D Meakin Filigree...

I'm a child of the 70's and I have to say I love a spot of 60's / 70's retro china.

I love utility ware and we use it daily here at Priddy Priddy HQ.
For me the china from the 70's era is a mix of utility ware and pretty fine china.

Pretty yet hard working and functional.

I'm drawn to the blue hues...
the kitchen in my childhood home had lots of blue bits...flowery pots and pans, the chopping board etc.

That said I'm not averse to a pretty pink flower...

I spied this little set and it just seemed so familiar I can't help but think that my parents had the blue version...or at least very similar...

I've listed the pots as casserole dishes but if I remember we used to serve the veggies in them on high days and holidays...

Not that my family were ever coffee lovers, like most Brits of the 70's we drank lots of Tea!! 
That said it's quite a decent sized coffee cup...

I've no idea what happened to my parents set, some of it I think is still in use, the milk jug, but I can imagine that over time as pieces were broken it was eventually 'dumped'.

Thankfully though there are still bits to be found...

These two make me want toasted soldiers and eggs every time I spot them!

J D Meakin
circa. 1960's

Available at PriddyPriddy etsy

Thursday, 28 January 2016

January just snuck up on Priddy Priddy...

I know its not Spring yet but I planted this old up-cycled basket with bulbs at Christmas and look what I have!

It's a cheery wink by the front door.

I should hang my head embarrassed at the lack of blogging but I've been just so busy here in the real world.

On the 23rd December 2015 I became a Grandma for the first time, my eldest daughter gave birth to the most beautiful little girl.  
My head still spins and I literally could pop with pride at what a wonderful mama she is.

I've spent time at the Florists workshop lending a hand over the busy Christmas season...

Lots of beautiful wreaths, I spent weeks smelling of a green woodland rolled in orange and cinnamon!

Loving every minute of the workshop, its a draughty old barn but the smell of the eucalyptus more than makes up for that.

Add to that mix birthdays, Christmas, candles, New Years, back to school/college, snow, decorating...
...well you know how it goes...

but here I am back at the keyboard.  

I've been managing to keep a few bits up on the Etsy shop
the new paint of the wall shows off the Vintage Mirrors so nicely...

and I just need a few days of good lighting to get a few more of them listed.

My most favourite listing recently is this beautiful, HUGE Blue Bird tin...

Friday, 11 September 2015

Super September...

Away with was an uninspiring month, wet, cold just downright miserable for the most.
Poor kiddos.  First days back to school and we're having a Super September {so far} has been gorgeous!

Summer Holidays are a blur of small and big kiddos passing through...

I have to confess I am enjoying coming home from the school run to a quieter house.  
{no super yummy mummy awards for me then}

Priddy Priddy has been ticking along nicely, like a swan gliding on top whilst paddling like a loon behind the scenes

And speaking of swans, they keep appearing to me, real ones at the park to beautiful figurines

so much so that I'm making a real effort NOT to bring them home with me! 
Alright I'm not really trying that hard and they do keep coming home.  There are some lovely Art Glass ones that I need to photograph too.

What would summer in Good old Blighty be without at least a trip to the seaside?

On one of her many trips to the seaside and New Forest {in years gone by} my mum was bought by my grand-dad a sweet little donkey, it's still on her mantle to this day!

These little sweeties made their way to me recently, they could be from the same family as my mums, so so similar.

Aren't they adorable?!

How can you resist those big eyes and super ears?

Another thing that I used to see at the Seaside and we'd bring home for grandparents were the Hornsea Flora and Fauna range.
It was the era of Disney's Bambi and I think its fair to say it influenced us.
I have in the loft a gorgeous vase, bought again for my mum from another seaside trip.  I can't ever imagine letting it go.  It's minimal financial value but the emotional tug it gives me?  Well you couldn't put a price on that.

Something is telling me that it is time for it to come down, that my kiddos are now of the age were a rogue football is less likely to wipe it out

As if to prove a point these little treasures have found me this year...I've enjoyed having them out.  But Im not a collector
Larger Sylvac vase, that cute little squirrel sat on the oak tree

See what I mean about Bambi?  You remember Thumper right?  That lovely saying his mama tought him? 
'If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all'

I tell my kiddos that to this day!

Can't just be me that thinks you'd have to have a heart of ice not to find these two below almost too sweet!
Bambi & Thumper

All of the above are on Etsy.

A flying post from me, I've vintage linens to get on the line to sun out in preparation for an upcoming Vintage Fair.
News on that later this week

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Rare Alfred Meakin...

Every now and then things just fall into place, right day, right time, right place.

That's how this lovely set came to me
I had no idea at the time how rare and hard to find it was
What I did know was that it was exceptional and just so right!

Alfred Meakin
Dog Walker pattern
Interchangable with his Poodles and Parissienne patterns

So much style and fun, in such small pieces

If you've ever watched the Disney film 101 Dalmations this reminds so much of the style of drawing....even the images could have been plucked out of the film!  
The bit at the beginning when they go for a walk in the park and Pongo tries to match his master to a lady

*I do love the original 101 Dalmations*

Young ladies parading in their fashionably stylish 1950's clothing, walking their equally fashionable dogs...poodles, setters, terriers!

This pattern is so of the era
if it had a voice it would be purring 1950's dahling

and to have found almost a full set in one sweep?!

4 cups & saucers
4 large dinner plates
4 bowls
3 side plates

all have been listed on the Priddy Priddy etsy store

I have more Priddiness being listed on Etsy through the week, so please pop by if you fancy a peek!

Monday, 27 July 2015

So Much Priddiness...

I'm quite sure that Priddiness isn't a real in the dictionary word, but it does describe something Pretty from Priddy Priddy...

The Esty shop is being stocked, I am making a real effort to list things on there.  
It has been heart warming that the little snippets I've been listing are getting liked and re-homed.

This little chap is the most recent addition
A retro/vintage terrier figurine

He just reminds me so much of the Cath Kidston Stanley.

My eldest daughter has a thing for Swan planters, 
{a girly with super taste!}
and kindly let me list this one

Beardy Bobs Candles...

Pretty by day


Oh so BEAUTIFUL by night

Just a quick post to see how everyone is?  Weather has been quite dire, not so super lemonade & giggles summer so far.

Dont forget to head to instagram to enter the 
Priddy Priddy give-away

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Friday, 3 July 2015

Instagram Giveaway. ..

I have a set of vintage inspired mini milk bottles in their very own little crate to send to someone.

Simply head over to Instagram, follow Priddy Priddy, like & share the giveaway photo and Bob's your uncle you've  entered!

Good Luck

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Sunny days...

Oh hasn't the weather been amazing!?
Yesterday the hottest 1st July ever recorded here in the UK...
I have to confess I did whinge a bit yesterday, even the wind was like a warm hairdryer!

But it has given me the excuse to tuck myself away in the shade and catch up on a few bits.

Saturday just passed we were at a Garden Party Fundraiser for the Primrose Unit.
It was glorious weather.
I only took a few things along as I wanted to enjoy the event/atmosphere.

I did worry that the Beardy Bobs Soy Wax Candles might melt in the heat but they held on through even the hottest midday sun

I was assisted by my helper, whose rates were quite reasonable much ice-cream as we could both manage!

I've also taken the time to take a few snaps and list a few bits over on Etsy

'Kev' the donkey may just be my favourite, but this little deer has been giving me the big brown eyes for attention...

and amongst other things a few pretty and kitschy tins have found their way onto Etsy

The weather has taken a cloudy break so no more photo's but I will be listing a few ready to ship Beardy Bobs Candles over the next few days